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Blockchain Sydney - Introduction and Overview

Join the Leading Edge: Blockchain Sydney Monthly Meetups

Blockchain Sydney is the largest blockchain meetup group in Australia, boasting a vibrant community of almost 5,000 Meetup.com members.

We have several associated sister groups, the most notable being DeFi Sydney, NFT Sydney and Stellar Sydney.  When taken together, our total Meetup.com unique membership count is over 5,000 members strong.

Our monthly events in downtown Sydney attract a diverse mix of entrepreneurs, developers, and blockchain enthusiasts, fostering a rich environment for learning and networking.

These events range from casual gatherings to larger sponsored parties and more formal project technical in-depth presentations are a hotspot for innovation and discussion in the blockchain, DeFi and NFT space.

Our August 2023 crypto taxes event attracted over 100 attendees.

For sponsors and speakers, these events offer a unique opportunity to connect with a passionate audience, share insights, and influence the direction of blockchain technology in Australia.  Join us at Blockchain Sydney to be at the heart of the blockchain revolution.

Benefits for Speakers at Sydney Blockchain Events:

  1. Direct Engagement with Blockchain Community: As a speaker, you'll have the unique opportunity to directly address our active member base of blockchain enthusiasts and professionals, giving you a platform to share your expertise and insights with a highly engaged audience.
  1. Networking with Peers: Connect and interact with industry leaders, innovators, and potential collaborators who are as passionate about blockchain as you are.
  1. Elevate Your Profile: Speaking at our events places you in the spotlight, enhancing your visibility and establishing you as a thought leader in the blockchain community.
  1. Gain Valuable Feedback: Engage in meaningful dialogues with our local audience, allowing you to gain fresh perspectives and valuable feedback on your ideas and projects.
  1. Amplify Your Brand: Utilize this platform to promote your personal brand, company, or startup directly to a receptive and targeted audience.
  1. Shape the Blockchain Conversation: Your insights and knowledge have the power to influence and inspire the community, contributing significantly to the future of blockchain technology.
  1. Extended Reach: Benefit from the additional exposure through our Meetup.com profile and additional social media coverage of our events, expanding your influence beyond the immediate audience.
  1. Fulfillment and Impact: There’s a profound satisfaction in directly contributing to the education and growth of the blockchain community, sharing your knowledge and experiences with those who value and understand it.

Benefits for Sponsors at Sydney Blockchain Events:

  1. Direct Engagement with Blockchain Enthusiasts: As a sponsor, you'll have the unique opportunity to connect with our community of 5,000 blockchain professionals and enthusiasts, showcasing your brand to a highly targeted and engaged audience.
  1. Brand Visibility in a Niche Market: Elevate your brand's presence in the blockchain space. Our events are the perfect platform for you to increase brand recognition and loyalty among a specialized audience.
  1. Networking with Industry Leaders: Gain access to a network of top-tier professionals, potential clients, and partners. This is an ideal setting for you to build meaningful connections that can lead to business growth and collaboration opportunities.
  1. Showcase Innovations and Services: Present your latest products, services, or innovations to an audience that is knowledgeable and passionate about blockchain technology. Your involvement can highlight your brand's commitment to advancing the industry.
  1. Influence Industry Trends and Discussions: As a sponsor, your brand can play an active role in shaping the conversations and trends within the blockchain community, positioning your company as a key player in the industry.
  1. Leverage Media and Social Media Exposure: Benefit from the extensive media coverage and social media buzz surrounding our events, giving your brand additional exposure to a wider audience.
  1. Customized Engagement Opportunities: We offer various sponsorship packages, allowing you to choose how you engage with the audience, whether through keynote speaking slots, branded giveaways, or interactive sessions.
  1. Long-Term Community Relationships: By supporting the blockchain community, you build long-term relationships with potential customers and business partners, fostering trust and loyalty towards your brand.

Blockchain Sydney in 2024 and Beyond

Building on our strong record of hosting more than 160 blockchain, DeFi and NFT related events since 2018, we are now establishing Blockchain Sydney as an incorporated association.

Registering as an association will allow us to have professional voting members and social memberships, as well as corporate sponsors, to enable us to further expand our advocacy for blockchain technologies, communities and projects.

We will have foundation professional memberships and foundation sponsorship packages available for both individuals and corporations, DAOS and other affiliated associations.

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