01/05/2024 (Passed) – XDC Network


6.30pm: RSVP arrivals and networking
7.00pm: Talk Session Kickoff

The XDC Network
XDC Network is an Enterprise-Ready L1 EVM Blockchain Network that offers unique attributes to help solve the issues going forward to a complete Digital Economy. XDC Network is an enterprise-grade, open-source blockchain protocol with EVM-compatible smart contract capabilities – with deep Trade sector engagement (ITFA) it is uniquely suited to revolutionise, decentralise, and liquify the Trade Finance industry through the tokenisation of real-world assets, financial and trade instruments.
XDC Network offers something for everybody – whether in Payments (ISO20022), Corporate or Governmental Infrastructure (Subnets), Programmable Atomic Settlements via Smart Contracted dApp Utility – the XDC Network is a step up offering Secure, Sustainable and Speedy DLT.

Enterprise Ready – in a meaningful way
The XDC Network is a groundbreaking blockchain with impressive speed, scalability, extremely low fees and military-grade security, forensic-monitoring and ongoing quantum-proofing protocol focus. Using XDC Network, businesses can improve their record keeping, exchange data and transfer assets more efficiently and more securely – with better governance meaning more democratising, decentralising egalitarian values stitched into the Network.

Market leader: Trade Finance and Digital Documentation including Transferability.
The XDC Network sets a benchmark for digitising trade finance by enabling the tokenization of diverse trade finance instruments and assets – including Trade documents.

Developers & Creators
The XDC Network is an enterprise-grade, open-source and EVM-compatible Layer 1 blockchain, geared to accommodate any EVM tool set. Developers can carry their skills from other chains onto the XDC Network and promote the advantages of interoperability on a great foundational Blockchain.

* Mr Sean WhiteΒ – XDC Network, Head of Ecosystem Development in Australia

* Mr Liam LaiΒ – XDC Network, Protocol Developer Team

Presentation Topics
* Brief history of XDC Network – Network’s inception and philosophical approach
What is the big deal of another L1 EVM like XDC Network? (eg. KYC Masternodes)
* Builders and building….
TradeFinex TradeFi – [incl XDCTradeNetwork – Dig docs eBL and Atomic swaps]
Fathom Finance $FXD glue for TradeFi – DeFi and Treasure Management
Other infrastructure players – Plug In Oracle
XDC 2.0 The Protocol and the Upgrading to
DAOFin Above industry standards for Governance and Representation
* Accelerating the Web3 Transition in Australia – partnership opportunities

This event is sponsored by XDC and they are generously providing a tab.

Cheers Bar: 561 George Street, Sydney
Only a 4 minute undercover walk from Town Hall Station
We’ll be downstairs in the ’80 Proof’ Basement Bar.
RSVP is required as seating is limited.

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